5 States of Awareness

When Dawn Morningstar was hosting monthly dinners for women at the University Club of St. Paul, she had a funny thing happen that inspired her to come up with 5 States of Awareness.

For nearly three years, the monthly gatherings which were open to all women and had nearly 50 attendees per month, brought women together for delicious food, community and learning/inspiration.

Monthly themes focused on Dawn's award-winning book Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World and featured women thought leaders and experts.

The presentations were very high vibe, focused on feminine Divine principles and teachings--all with the intention of raising awareness and consciousness.

At the conclusion of one of the powerful presentations, two women came up to Dawn and said though they enjoyed the dinner and women's company very much, they had no idea what the presenter was talking about and didn't think these gatherings were right for them!!! 

It was then that Dawn decided to understand what state of awareness a person was in most of the time in their life--so that there could be greater connection and understanding.

Dawn has used 5 States of Awareness personally to assess what state she's in herself and to be deeply compassionate toward others.

She also uses 5 States of Awareness to guide women coaches, teachers, healers, leaders and presenters to become more clear on who they want to teach or inspire based on knowing them.

Using 5 States of Awareness is also very helpful in supporting Luminaries in New World Women, of which Dawn is a co-founder, academy curator and spiritual leader.

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, Dawn will share more information about 5 States of Awareness, how to assess where you are and a practice to stay in your desired state. Register for this free New World Women event here.

Sleeper--experiences life mainly in 3-D--unconscious, unaware, fearful, "Me" consciousness, rather than "We" consciousness

Seeker--opens to new perspectives, more conscious and aware than in Sleeper State--may think it's too much and choose to go back to sleep--or may want to learn more

Student--studies, reads, learns spiritual principles--believes them to be true, wants them to work--still a mental concept, not yet embodied

Synergist--goes beyond knowing higher consciousness and spiritual principles--to embodying them and living them most of the time

Seer--lives in a state of oneness--aware, awakened, enlightened and liberated
  • No state is better than the others.
  • One could be in all of the states within a 5-minute period!
  • Helps us be aware of what state we are in any given moment, which liberates us.
  • Supports us to be compassionate to what state another may be in.
5 States of Awareness Copyright © 2014 Dawn Morningstar